Welcome to the new Celtic Trad & Folk Radio!
In addition to all the terrific trad you've been enjoying here, we're adding favorite songs from around the world of Celtic folk singers.
Celtic Folk & Trad Radio Logo All this music is still brought to you in high quality audio and with no commercial interruptions! Just click the Play button in the player below to begin.

In these trying times, independent musicians who bring you the great music you love really need your support. Virtually all of their gigs were canceled over the last two years, with a HUGE hit to their income. Help them now when they need your support the most - buy their music, and if at all possible buy it directly from their own web sites. Get an extra copy or two to share with your friends. These artists have worked hard to bring this music to you over the years - show your thanks!

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Celtic Trad Radio receives no compensation for ads nor products; we simply advertise for artists we think you'll like!

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